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Ornaments: I Love What I Do

I want to share a little part of the artist's work as a job. My oldest son, Joren Smith posted a video that sums up why I make art. It said that we are here to do more than a "job". We are not born into this world to do only work we don't enjoy. We should be doing what fills us with joy and makes us truly happy, as opposed to just existing to get up each day to make a pay check. Yes, we need to pay the bills, (trust me, I know...) but there is more to life, and somehow, we should be trying to work that into our lives. Take a class, find a hobby, seek out people with like interests, talk about what you love to do. It doesn't need to be art, it can be something with animals, children, wood, food, jewelry, or even science or numbers. Think outside the box! If you love it, you should be doing it in some way in your life. I love what I do and the people I work with! I am truly grateful to have allowed this into my life. I wish that for everyone. Life is beautiful. This is a tree of Christmas ornaments, 3"X3", currently for sale in my studio. They may be hung, but they also come with a mini easel!

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