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Snow Shadows

Yesterday, I was chatting with my friend, Peter Nielsen in my studio about inspiration. He brought to my attention that so many times people are only looking in one direction. They don't look up, they don't look down. They don't REALLY see the beauty in the world. My view of the world as an artist, is different. Artists see the color in a shadow, the way a twisting tree grows from the earth, the warm light touching the snow, or the true colors in skin. In my paintings, I am bringing the viewer to the same place I see. Maybe they may have noticed it when they were a child, and have forgotten to LOOK at it as they became adults....with places to be and things to do. Sometimes I need to remember too. Last winter, I actually went outside after a big snow storm had passed, and lay down in the snow looking up. I just wanted to remember that feeling. This is the product of that moment....36"X48" "Snow Shadows"

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