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Art From The Heart

Many people are wonderful painters.  They have an enormous amount of skill and the can produce a visually pleasing painting.

There are many artists who can make visually pleasing work. They can render lovely images and their technical skills are good, but they lack any excitement of emotion in their art. My students often ask "how" they too, can infuse emotion into their paintings. It isn't a simple technical answer, but once you unlock the mystery of working with your hands, head and your heart, it all becomes clear. You begin to unlock the reason why some work is just more inviting than others.

Look back in time at so many of our favorite master artists and see what drove them. The common bond is a passion for what they did, the feelings they had for their subject matter, and the desire to capture that emotion in something crafted by their own hand. Technical skills all came into play, but it was their passion that gave their work energy and excitement that is timeless. The love for a subject can propel art into a new level with "skill of the heart". I have found that the paintings I do with the most passion are the pieces that others can relate to most, in a similar manner. What an amazing thing it is to have another human being resonate with the energy in a piece of your art! I like to think of my art as my way of bringing the feeling of peace, love, energy, and passion to others in this world! "Fate" 36X48 SOLD

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