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Beyond the Lupine

Sometimes you paint something that remains close to your heart for many years. You won't see me paint a lighthouse too often, so this is rare for me, but it was just the perfect day, out with all of my kids on a drive to P-Town to explore (cheap entertainment with 5 kids!!). The Coreopsis and Lupine were in full bloom, the light was clear, and the air was warm and gentle. I can remember the day, like it was yesterday. I think it was in early July. I kept this piece for several years until my dear friend, Jack Ahlin purchased it from me. Giving it up was made easier, knowing it was going to a good home. He recently brought it to one of my classes for me to see it, and it struck me like seeing a loved one after many years apart. It's strange how sometimes it feels a lot like giving up a child. "Beyond The Lupine" 24"X36"

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